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At a punk wedding a few years ago, before the world went sideways, my son-in-law was introduced to punk philosophy by Dave. 'Punk isn't about where you come from. Punk isn't about what you do. Punk is about the music.' Or, to paraphrase Sam Draisey, what you do for a living shouldn't be the first question you ask someone.

This is a personal project that is very much work-in-progress. 

I'm based in Buckinghamshire and if anyone would like me to take photos of their gigs, please get in touch. If I can be there, I'll try my best. Someone asked the inevitable question, 'How much?' recently. It's simple, if I bought my own ticket and I'm paying for my own beers, I don't owe you anything, but if I like you, and your sound, I'll help in any way I can. I'll work for a bit of merch and a credit if you use my images.

Steal my images, though, and I'll let the whole world know. 

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