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The Double Diamond Scooter Festival 14/15 July 2023.

Now, I've got to be honest, a scooter festival isn't my natural territory, but we were invited as guests of The Useless Eaters on the Friday night. They, of course, were brilliant.

As I always say, if I've bought my own ticket and paying for my own beer I don't owe you anything. However I didn't pay for a ticket, or my own beer so this page is sponsored by The Useless Eaters. If you get the chance go and see them. If you want to book a band (with adult banter) then book them. I'm more than happy to pass on any details. They have their own page on this site. You can jump to it here.  (Seriously, I know professional agents that do less for the bands!)

As it turned out, for reasons too boring to go into, I found myself back on the Saturday to take more photos.

The gallery below is work in progress. Over Friday and Saturday I took around 3000 photos so they will take some time going through, so keep coming back as I'll be adding more photos over the summer break. If that sounds like a cynical ploy to drive traffic to my site, you're right! Please have a look at my other pages as well. In the last year I've photographed over a hundred bands and am always happy to consider photographing gigs or doing band shoots. 

Anyway, Have a look at my interpretation of a wet, but thoroughly enjoyable event. I'll certainly be back next year (well, they've offered us tickets!!!)

Oh, and the images run in no particular order. It's as if someone has deliberately mixed them up. How annoying is that? 

To reiterate, this page is sponsored by The Useless Eaters

The An Tobar Arts Centre, Isle of Mull,  1St August  2023.

A very different evening for us, but thoroughly enjoyable. If you are even on the Isle of Mull, I recommend climbing the steepest road in Scotland to visit the arts centre.

In front of a packed house, Amy Mango Lassie, Auroa Engine and Kisty Law entertained up with some brilliant songs. Many thanks to Amy for giving us a pair or earring from her merch stall. Here are some images of the evening.

The Audio Junk Food Weekender at Wycombe Arts Centre 2nd September 2023

Now, I love the Wycombe Arts Centre so it's always great to pop down the road for a gig. This weekend the venue hosted the last day of the Audio Junk Food weekend Tour. Three bands, from three towns, touring together and rotating the headline spot.

Not really punk, but something punk could learn from if it could be arsed. A younger, more diverse groups of musicians and a much younger audience. This is the sort of thing that ill keep live music alive. Sorry Park, Death is a Girl and San Demas rocked the venue. If you get the chance, catch any of them for a great gig.

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