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Voodoo Radio


Voodoo Radio are a father/daughter duo who hail from Cumbria. Singer/drummer Paige and her guitarist father Tony are setting the punk world alight  with their brilliant sounds and dynamic stage presence.  What I particularly love is the interplay and banter between the more laconic Tony and what my grandmother would have called the sassiness of Paige.


Paige gives you her gaze. As well as singing (brilliantly) and drumming, she constantly connects with audience members. You’ll see from my photos that she stares down the lens, but that wasn’t just for me - she makes eye contact with the audience, her eyes continually flicking from one person to the next. There’s a lesson there that other bands (particularly lead singers) could learn from.


The photos were taken at the Holroyd Arms in Guildford  at one of the few gigs I’ve been to there that actually had young people in the audience. Again, something to learn from. Here is the official video of Space Girl and the entirely unofficial Video Rachel made of Stupid humans at the Holroyd in Guildford

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